Why we promote and support the Disabled Petanque Athletes?

Sports and the development and rehabilitation of the disabled.

We can see that since 1998, Thailand hosted the FESPIC Games (Far East and South Pacific Games for the Disabled) Festival at Thammasat University. This is a great opportunity for the disabled. It makes a good attitude of our people to the disabilities.

It is considered to be the starting point for increasing social opportunities for people with disabilities to show their abilities, knowledge and adaptation to society in a happy way.

“Sport” is an important tool in developing and raising the quality of the population in countries with political economy. And the developed society. All are based on efficiency. Quality of population And the key mechanism in the development.

Group of players will play sports widely. And as a daily routine until habits become habitual with the importance and consequences of the sport.

Petanque is a playable sport. It is popular in Thailand and internationally. We will see the importance of the petanque is competing in various shows. Both domestic and international. To encourage everyone to practice this sport. And for the disabled, petanque is one of the branches in the development and rehabilitation of the disabled. It is a sport that can all parts of the body to the most beneficial.

Presently for Petanque Sport in Thailand. There are a lot of disabled pepople There are a number of disabled athletes participating in the National Disability Sports Tournament. Many times in the past. And increase every year. However, there are not many competitions for disabled athletes.

Thai Petanque Disabled Association see the importance and had set the competition. “Petanque Disabled Thailand Championship” on May 28-30, 2018.

At Archeewa Pramahatai School, Nong Khai Province. To continuous promote nd support of disabled forever. In the competition. “Petanque Disabled Thailand Championship” was supported by Mr. Chukiat Singsung, President of the Sports Association of Thailand.

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