Association Objectives

1. To promote, support, develop, disseminate and carry out activities for Thai disabled petanque sport.

2. To promote, support, organize Thai petanque sports competition in Thailand to meet the standards set by the association at each level in accordance with the rules of the Petanque Federation.

3. To develop the play of disabled petanque in Thailand as well as to empower and support related people in disabled petanque at various levels to meet the standards and to gain knowledge and skills.

4. To cooperate with the Sports Authority of Thailand and other organizations that related to the disabled Thai petanque. as well as corporate and contact the other organizations about Thai disabled petanque.

5. To support, promote and assist members in various as the rules or regulations that the Association.

6. Support and promote the establishment Association and Thai Disabled Petanque Association to concretely.

7. To promote democracy. The monarchy is neutral. and does not provide financial support or property to any politician or political party.

8. To promote and support Thai Disabled Petanque to compete in foreign countries.

9. To promote and create a career for Thai disabled petanque athletes. And ask the support from government agencies, private enterprises, and ask lotteries to bring income to support the petition to Thai disabled petanque.

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